Less than 20% of the men search for medical help to solve thier sexual health problems

Are men often aware of their sexual health? The answer is no.

This campaign dedicates the Men Day to the awareness and promotion of men’s sexual health normalisation through information. 

It is not about sex; sexual wellness complies other factors such as self-esteem, stress level or couple stability.

According to a thesis, 28% of men suffer some sexual pathology per year. 

However, only a few dare to share their problems and even less men think about visiting a specialist to find a solution. 

This happens because of the huge amount of taboos and invisible barriers existing that relate to virility and a total wrong concept of masculinity, which prevent men to duly act to solve their problems.

The importance to treat these sexual health problems, such as premature ejaculation, among others, is vital. It is essential to be aware of the importance that sex has in our wellness, it does not only affects our physical aspects, but psychological ones; affecting ourselves and our partners. 

Developping “Men Sexual Wellness” campaing we want to take down all these barriers and start a new acting circle so talking about sexual health is not a taboo.

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