Sex is present in our lives. It is an inherent and natural part of the human being. But… are we really aware of what sexual well-being means? Despite the importance of sexual life in our physical health and, especially, in our emotional state, it is not considered as important as it is. In depth, us men, we think we are fully satisfied with our sexual life and we don’t even consider the need to discuss about topics such as sexual intercourse, masturbation, pleasure or health related to our sexuality. We sometimes fool ourselves or maybe we just stick to our routine and to what we know… We keep thinking “Nah, everything is fine, it’s normal, there is nothing else to do”. 

Because sex quality is very important to men, we have launched an awareness campaign “Male Sexual Well-being”. It is an initiative by male care, health and sexual organisations to encourage men talking about different aspects of sexual well-being. 

5 tips to improve your sexual life

As you know, MYHIXEL is an international leading company focused on male sexology. That’s why we want to provide with 5 tips to improve your sexual well-being. We will show you new routine that will encourage you to think more about yourself. It’s no time to be content with whatever, it’s time to be alive and make the most of your sexuality. The following ideas will help you to concentrate on everything that makes you feel physically and mentally better. 

1. Let sex be important and take care of it 

We’ve heard so many times in our lives that sex isn’t important that we’ve forgotten about how fundamental is in our life. It’s definitely a healthy sign, whether if you’re in a relationship or you’re single. In fact, science has proven that performing sexual intercourses is beneficial for our mind and body: It increases our happiness, generates endorphins, dis-stresses and improves our health state. 

So, let’s get to work! Don’t be shy! Try new things with yourself or share with your partner (or partners!) what you desire. This will for sure improve the quality of sex, you will enjoy it much more and will strength your bond with your partner. Ready to reach a new sexual level?

2. Talk about it with your partner (partners), environment and friends

Us men, we do not talk about sex. Communication is essential to help us and express ourselves so we feel free to ask for advice in order to learn new things. It is vital to talk about sex with your partner to keep a healthy relationship to understand and get to know each other better. 

But it should also be normal to talk about sex with your friends. Between me and you: we need to be aware of the necessity to care about our sexual health and everything that goes with it: preventing illnesses, searching for solutions to our concerns,… It’s ok to learn from other people, it shouldn’t be a taboo, because talking about what bothers you is always a step forward.  No sweat, it’s high time barriers disappeared and made common talking about sex between men.  

3. Explore, get to know yourself and love yourself

The sexual well-being begins with oneself, by knowing our body, our sensations. Keep in mind that masturbating is not a bad thing, it’s even necessary and gratifying. It is proven that it helps you relax and makes you happier. Moreover, touching yourself will help you prevent many health problems. You will be able to identify if something should be examine by a specialist or maybe you realised there are things you like or thing you should try in bed.

When getting to know yourself, do not forget that there is much more behind just using your hands. There are many erotic objects such as plasure devices to enjoy your sexuality in a different way. They can help you reach new limits and if you are searching for innovation, wait for our 4th advice.

Last but not least, remember that mens’ stimulations points can vary and it’s not all about the penis. You have a wide number of options within the perineal zone, the sphincter, prostate, erogenous zones of the body…  Explore and stimulate alone or with a partner so you get to know new ways to pleasure.

4. Innovate

How good is it to innovate in bed? Remember that sexual intercourse goes beyond penetration. Put into practice your sexual fantasies, use sexy clothes, strip, be spontaneous and use sextoys while sex stays out of the routine.

The secret for a healthy sexual life, whether it’s within your relationship, with several partners or with yourself, is trying new things and being updated. You still have many things to discover about sex. 

We challenge you to explore your capacity to control your climax. It usually has been by far something that depends on our intuitions and own tricks. MYHIXEL offers a technological innovation for male sexual health adapted to all needs.Thanks to the combination of the revolutionary scientific methodology with the app MYHIXEL Play (with 2 kinds of solutions: MED or TR) and the ultimate pleasure device MYHIXEL I.

On the one hand, MYHIXEL MED, designed for those who ejaculate under 3 mins and that want to last longer in bed. It is scientifically proven and has shown up to seven times longer in sexual intercourse. 

On the other hand, there is MYHIXEL TR, designed for men who want to go further in sexual intercourses by controlling their ejaculation and decide when to climax. Our method guides you and monitors your activities in such way that you can improve what you desire. Imagine having the power to decide when to climax, and all thanks to MYHIXEL

Not only you will decide when to climax, but the MYHXELI pleasure device, its anatomic sleeve with the therapeutic vibration and the simulation of body temperature, will make you feel a natural, gratifying and pleasant sensation.

5. Consult a specialist

We do not normally consult an expert when something is worrying you about sex. Give it a thought, how many times have you consulted a specialist when it is about your sexual well-being in the last years? How long have you been carrying a problem that you hide instead of searching for a solution?

Consulting a specialist is necessary. Us men, should assume that going to see a sexologist, a psychologist or a urologist  is not a bad, but a responsible and positive thing. Searching for solutions is, without any doubt, moving forward to our well-being. From MYHIXEL, we have not stood back and we offer online consultations with sexologists and urologists.

It’s a fact, if you don’t visit specialists it will bring you more problems, and those, my friend, can be easily solved. Solving your concerns about sexuality is as easy as having an expert by your side. Let’s be mature, let’s stop seeing this as something tragic.

Ship hasn’t sailed yet! It is time for men to also care about our sexual well-being. We deserve to feel better too, enjoy more – also in bed- and be happier.

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